The Journey of 777

The idea surrounding 777 for us, as a brand, represents the bigger picture. This symbolism came to fruition when we were seeking to have elements aspect the identity we have formed around our brand with choppers.

The idea of En Masse is truly a movement bigger than a single focus on specific hobbies or activities but more so about connecting oneself with friends and family that pushes you to evolve over and over again.

Through these collective experiences we individually have enriching stories, memories, and knowledge to pass down and to share with one another. Through all walks of life, numbers have been seen to carry a spiritual significance that can be related to a greater sign to an individuals personal experiences. 

777 reconnects your focus to the spiritual path, created just for you by the powers above. When we are presented with this number, we are receiving a sign that we need to slow down, look inward, and find the power that’s within us.

In its most true and fundamental form, this number demonstrates a connection between the soul and the spirit. It represents spiritual awakening and allows us to find our inner wisdom. It is a reminder that we are loved and watched over even in our unknowing moments.

Any divine number has to the power to find you if you are truly paying attention. Because of its symbolism and power, it really doesn’t matter how or when this number appears. What matters is how you perceive the number when you see it and how you use it as a sign to connect to something more.

The En Masse movement, is to simply partake in group rides, or solo camping trips, or community gatherings to give back as spiritual conquests in themselves. At the end of the day when we set out searching, or journeying far away lands, it isn’t the places people or things we are seeking to find, it is ourselves.

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