En Masse is inspired by the men who paved the way for motorcycle culture, dating back to the turn of the twentieth century and World War 2. Veterans clung onto the thrilling adrenaline rush provided by motorcycles and came together to feel a sense of belonging and comradery.

Comradery is at the heart of our core values, and we salute the men who fought for our country and created a community that has lasted for decades.

We pay tribute to our veterans and to that brotherhood by integrating traditional designs into our products that carry on the legacy of the men who came before us.


If the journey ahead isn’t in the least bit frightening, is it truly a journey? All journeys begin with a leap of faith. Whether it’s fighting against the first gust of wind that raises the hair from your skin or kicking up the dust of unseen terrain, that leap of faith takes many forms. And that leap of faith is the first of many that carry you and your ilk to staggering heights and immeasurable distances.

After the first leap, the adventure is purely fueled by adrenaline and anticipation. When those two feelings begin to run on empty, we become our own obstacles on our roads to greatness.

When rain clouds advance upon your path, when your limbs ache, when your eyes can only trace a boundless horizon, why leave the safety of the ground you’ve already tread? Why push further? Alone, we can only go so far, but in a brotherhood that constantly tests each other’s mettle, we can go anywhere. Within momentary terrors, there’s an excitement and a conquest, and these struggles only bring us closer together.

Every leap of faith is made bearable by every bead of sweat, every echo of laughter, and every comfortable silence shared among friends. Let that leap of faith in your brothers push you to where the sun melts into a distant horizon, lead you through canyons where light cascades over mountain ridges and shadows fill the valleys, and carry you to where the roar of the wind never ceases. When you achieve that sweet taste of your destination, be it a spiraling OUR STORY FUELED BY - - waterfall at the end of a trail or just another digit on your odometer, share in that victory as a team.

What makes journeys frightening isn’t consisted of jagged river passes nor desolate desert plains. What makes a journey frightening is turning your back on the comfort of the status quo. And what makes them so rewarding is returning home a greater version of yourself when nothing is the same, armed with the sharpened knowledge you gained with trusted allies by your side.

When you turn around and look at the journeys that you’ve already left behind, you see that you’ve made it together, and you’ll do it again and again, together.