Must Ride: California Waves You Should Catch

En Masse is a tribe of people who answer to the call of the sea. Those who brave the crests and troughs of restless waters have found a surfer’s paradise in California, just as we have. Here’s a roundup of some of our gorgeous state’s best waves to catch. 

San Onofre

Just south of San Clemente off the Interstate-5, these golden banks host several surf breaks for all levels of surfers. Along the whole beach, the prime surf breaks are The Point, Dogpatch, and Old Man’s, along with Trestles to the north and Trails to the south. Along with the consistent breaks, this more remote and untouched stretch of coastline also is a haven of campgrounds, trails, volleyball courts, and fire rings for when you’re not out in the water. For a laid-back day of riding waves among casual long-boarders, head out to San O!

Malibu Lagoon

At some point, all Californians must make the trip to this world-famous pointbreak. At the first point are the most consistent swells that are enjoyed by beginners, followed by the second point which has larger swells and third point which has frequent breaks for the more experienced. To really experience California surfing culture, take the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu to either longboard at first point or shortboard with the pros at third point. 

The Wedge - Newport Beach

Titanic walls of water carve and crash against the shore at this renowned bodysurfing beach also known as “The Beast.” Surfboards are usually only allowed in the early morning and late evening in the summer and fall seasons, so for those willing to brave the potential 30-foot waves and strong backwash, plan ahead of time if you want to ride standing or swimming. 

Rincon, Santa Barbara

Further up north than most of our SoCal spots, this “Queen of the Coast” surf spot isn’t the most consistent, but a great place nonetheless for more intermediate and advanced riders. Not much of a summer ride, Rincon’s barrels are best in winter. The sections of the beach are the indicator, the river mouth, and the cove, which under the right conditions of a big west swell, can be ridden together the whole way through. 


What are your favorite beaches to surf? Will you be out riding any of these waves this summer? Let us know if we missed any of your favorites! En Masse wants to hear from you! Tag us on your next surf adventure #WeAreEnMasse

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